Why use Vermiculture?

Why there is a waste problem!

Organic total of the Australian waste stream is 70%!

Each Australian produces 1000kg of waste per year!

Waste shown by percentage make up.

Land fill is no longer acceptable, therefore Vermiculture is the answer thereby converting a waste problem, to a rich resource!


The Benefite of Vermi Reduction



Introducing Vermi-Conversion

Modern cities around the world produce millions of tonnes of greenwaste daily. Traditionally this organic waste went to incinerators, ocean outfalls and landfill, today none of these options are viable or acceptable.

Alternatives must be found and Vermiculture is providing not only the means to reduce this organic waste, but also to convert it to a readily reusable organic soil re-conditioner.

It is important that we learn to return this valuable carbon and natural nitrogen back to market gardens and broadacre farms that otherwise can not be sustained, so they can continue to provide new green food and produce.

Vermiculture when applied correctly is a means of sustaining agriculture by reducing and converting organic waste that previously created landfill problems into a high value pasture improvement product now known as vermicast.

Via vermiculture green-waste can now be easily and automatically reduced and converted at the source of the waste producer for return to the soils benefit. It is just common sense, we must replace what we take away.

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